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10 grafici spiegano la sfida dei flussi migratori per gli Stati Uniti nel 2022

Diana Roy, Council on Foreign Relations:

President Joe Biden took office in 2021 with a promise to reform what he called an “inhumane” approach to U.S. immigration policy by his predecessor Donald Trump. But the challenges at the southern U.S. border deepened over the past year, with a record number of migrants apprehended as people increasingly fled rising violence and economic crises in Haiti, Venezuela, Central America, and elsewhere. In response, the White House has continued several controversial policies imposed under Trump, but it has struggled to manage an overburdened immigration system, and critics have called for greater protections for migrants. Here are ten graphics that explain migration flows to the United States in 2022.

Ten Graphics That Explain the U.S. Struggle With Migrant Flows in 2022 | Council on Foreign Relations (