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Open newsletter – April 16, 2022


Finland – Sweden – NATO



  • BJP riding high on the road towards next national election, April 15. By Diego Maiorano, East Asia Forum. In March 2020, the Indian government announced one of the harshest COVID-19 lockdowns in the world with only four hours’ notice. The lockdown left tens of millions of workers without a job, savings or a roof over their heads. In May–June 2021, the country then went through a devastating wave of COVID-19, which, according to The Economistresulted in 2.4 million deaths and was largely attributed to government mismanagement. (read more)

India – USA



  • Nepal’s geopolitical stakes are as high as the Himalayas, April 14. By Gaurab Shumsher Thapa, East Asia Forum. Nepal occupies a crucial geostrategic location in South Asia. It is sandwiched between powerful and competing neighbours in India and China, outstripping the Himalayan nation in size, population, economy and military might. Yet it is one of the few countries that has remained independent throughout history. Maintaining that independence is now just that much more challenging. (read more)

Russia – Ukraine (impact, reactions, consequences)

  • Russia’s Artificial Intelligence Boom May Not Survive the War, April 15. By Samuel Bendett, Defense One. The last year was a busy one for Russia’s military and civilian artificial intelligence efforts. Moscow poured money into research and development, and Russia’s civil society debated the country’s place in the larger AI ecosystem. But Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February and the resulting sanctions have brought several of those efforts  to a halt—and thrown into question just how many of its AI advancements Russia will be able to salvage and continue. (read more)

Sri Lanka


USA – China – Pacific


  • The World Is on the Most Dangerous Eve, April 15. By Valdai Discussion Club.  More and more scholars estimate that the possibility of the outbreak of World War III is increasing, and have even concluded that this could lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war. The situation is moving in the direction of global disaster, writes Valdai Club expert Wang Wen. (read more)