Afghanistan – Experts react: The Taliban has taken Kabul. Now what? (Atlantic Council)

Andrew L. Peek, Kirsten Fontenrose, Irfan Nooruddin, James B. Cunningham, Barry Pavel, Christopher Preble, William F. Wechsler, Evanna Hu, Daniel Fried, Nathan Sales, Arun Iyer, C. Anthony Pfaff, Jennifer A. Counter

The Taliban has completed its lightning advance across Afghanistan by taking control of the country’s capital—all but guaranteeing a long-feared national takeover. With President Ashraf Ghani reportedly having fled the country and the United States rushing to evacuate its personnel from Kabul as Afghan leaders work to form a transitional government, reality is setting in: After two decades and some $2 trillion spent, Washington’s nation-building effort appears to have failed. That will likely have far-reaching consequences not only for Afghanistan, but also for American foreign policy and the world at large. Our experts, many of whom have spent many years in the trenches on Afghanistan policy, are sending their reactions as these historic developments unfold. This post will be continuously updated as more come in and we track this fast-moving story.

Experts react: The Taliban has taken Kabul. Now what? – Atlantic Council