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Afghanistan. L’attacco dell’ISKP ai cittadini cinesi a Kabul scatena un’ondata di propaganda jihadista anticinese (fonte: The Jamestown Foundation)

Lucas Webber

On December 12, Islamic State (IS) militants assaulted Chinese nationals and Taliban officials inside a Kabul hotel. IS’s Amaq News Agency claimed the attack shortly afterwards and eventually released photos and a video of the attackers while claiming that IS in Khorasan Province (ISKP) fighters raided “a big hotel frequented by Chinese diplomats and businessmen” (Twitter/@abdsayedd, December 13). The attackers used guns, grenades, and explosives as seen in its visual propaganda, which IS said killed or wounded over 30 people (Twitter/@war_noir, December 12).

ISKP Attack on Chinese Nationals in Kabul Unleashes Wave of Anti-Chinese Jihadist Propaganda – Jamestown