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Africa and health in a regional framework

How to get African health systems out of over-dependence on international markets ? The topic is complex: Karim Karaki and Pamella Eunice Ahairwe write about it for ECDPM.

As complex as it is, the issue cannot have simplistic solutions. The solution put forward by the authors, which we share, is at regional level and in a balanced relationship with Europe.

The greatest challenges lie in these areas: coordination, market dynamics, access to technology, trade and regional integration, regulatory framework, skills, knowledge and experience, health systems

The road is long and winding but the goal is indeed important and strategic. The issue here is just one example of how we must insist on a ‘regionalisation’ of international relations for better solutions to planetary challenges.

The regional approach, especially on sensitive issues such as health, can help build the perspective of glocalisation that we pursue. Moreover, the regional approach appears more realistic because it ‘territorialises’ the possible responses, making them as compatible as possible with the realities of better governed contexts.