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Cosa aspettarsi dal processo di pace azero-armeno nel 2023 (fonte: The Jamestown Foundation)

Fuad Shahbazov The end of 2022 marked another round of confrontation between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Karabakh region with the involvement of Russian peacekeeping forces. The standoff began in early December, when the Russian peacekeeping contingent in the separatist Karabakh region denied access to Azerbaijani officials from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Ecology […]

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L’UE ha avviato lunedì una missione civile per aiutare a monitorare l’instabile confine dell’Armenia con l’Azerbaigian (fonte: The Defense Post)

The EU launched Monday a civilian mission to help monitor Armenia’s volatile border with Azerbaijan, bolstering the bloc’s role in a region viewed by the Kremlin as Russia’s backyard. EU Launches Expanded Armenia Border Mission (