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Vaccine Equity and Global Economic Recovery (Council on Foreign Relations)


Senior Fellow for Global Health, Economics, and Development, and Director, Global Health Program, Council on Foreign Relations; @TomBollyky

Distinguished Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; Vice Chairman and President, Strategic Growth, Mastercard; Former U.S. Trade Representative (2013–2017)

External Member, Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England; Former Chief Economist, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (2014–2017); CFR Member 


Jaime and Josefina Chua Tiampo Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School; CFR Member 

Panelists discuss global vaccine distribution efforts, the barriers to achieving vaccine equity, and what this means for global economic recovery. 
Vaccine Equity and Global Economic Recovery | Council on Foreign Relations (
Global Economic Recovery Supply Chains

Supply chain disruptions and bottlenecks dampen the global economic recovery (Otaviano Canuto, Center for Macroeconomics and Development)

Scarcity of inputs and goods has been felt all over the world because of disruptions to global value chains since the beginning of the pandemic. Factory closures in China at the beginning of 2020, lockdowns in many countries and, subsequently, congestion in logistics networks for transporting goods, capacity constraints in the face of sudden increases in demand, and labor shortages, have combined to negatively affect the availability of inputs and products worldwide.

Supply Chain Disruptions and Bottlenecks Dampen the Global Economic Recovery – Center for Macroeconomics and Development (

Global Economic Recovery

Post-Pandemic Recovery Must Include the Care Economy (Mercedes D’Alessandro, Maria S. Floro, Project-Syndicate)

Unpaid labor like childcare and eldercare is not represented in economic models, although it makes up an important part of the economy. The pandemic has exposed this shortcoming, and the task now for economists and policymakers is to devise ways to value this labor appropriately and support it adequately.

Post-Pandemic Recovery Must Include the Care Economy by Mercedes D’Alessandro & Maria S. Floro – Project Syndicate (

Global Economic Recovery

The IMF warns of growing threats to global economic recovery (Al Jazeera)

The International Monetary Fund did not mince words in its latest outlook for the global economy released on Tuesday, warning that the threats to the economic recovery from last year’s COVID-19 disruptions are growing, along with a “dangerous divergence” between richer and poorer countries.

The IMF revised its headline forecast for global growth this year down slightly by 0.1 percent to 5.9 percent while leaving its projections for 2022 unchanged at 4.9 percent.

The IMF warns of growing threats to global economic recovery | Inequality News | Al Jazeera

Global Economic Recovery

October 2021 update to TIGER: The global economic recovery is in danger of stalling (Aryan Khanna and Eswar Prasad, Brookings)

The world economy’s sharp snapback from the short-lived but deep COVID-19 recession appears in danger of stalling. The latest update of the Brookings-Financial Times Tracking Indexes for the Global Economic Recovery (TIGER) shows growth momentum weakening across the world, particularly in the two major engines of global growth—the U.S. and China.

October 2021 update to TIGER: The global economic recovery is in danger of stalling (