Framing globalisation (Anthea Roberts, Nicolas Lamp, The Interpreter)

Six Faces of Globalization: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why it Mattersby Anthea Roberts and Nicolas Lamp (Harvard University Press, 2021)

People use mental shortcuts to organise their thinking about complex issues, but because the same situation can be presented in different ways, complications often arise. Take economic globalisation as an example. The acrimonious debates about globalisation represent different ways of framing the issue. Those frames matter – they lead to different storylines about who wins, who loses, and why it’s important.

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Globalization Thinking

The Future of Globalization (Masood Ahmed and Nancy Lee, Center for Global Development)

Amidst the debate, fears, political polarization, and regrets surrounding globalization, we cannot ignore a central reality: much of it is not reversible or even resistable. As in other periods of human history where new connections are forged between geographies and civilizations—whether driven by empire building, technological change, regime change, or climate change-driven migration—Pandora’s Box, once opened, cannot be closed. The flow of goods, services, people, and capital will continue across borders and increasingly encompass once isolated parts of the world.

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