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How an adversary could take advantage of Europe’s data releases (Jan Kallberg, Defense News)

In the discussion of great power competition and cyberattacks meant to slow down a U.S. strategic movement of forces to Eastern Europe, the focus has been on the route from the fort to port in the U.S. But we tend to forget that once forces arrive at the major Western European ports of disembarkation, the distance from these ports to eastern Poland is the same as from New York to Chicago.

How an adversary could take advantage of Europe’s data releases (



Somali spy agent death: Probe exonerates officials (BBC)

A team investigating the disappearance and subsequent death of a female Somali spy agent, Ikran Tahlil, has “found no evidence” that senior officials in the National Intelligence and Security Agency (Nisa) were culpable.

Tahlil, who worked in the cyber-security department of the Nisa, went missing in June.

Senior officials at the intelligence agency had been accused of having a hand in her disappearance and alleged death.

According to the state-owned Somali National TV Gen Abdullahi Bulle Kamey, who was leading the investigation, said the former Nisa chief Fahad Yasin and other officials had been interrogated and the team found no evidence that they were culpable.

Mr Kamey also said Nisa provided documents containing evidence that al-Shabab kidnapped Tahlil and killed her.

On 2 September, the spy agency reportedly said Tahlil was killed by al-Shabab after being abducted in Mogadishu. However, al-Shabab denied involvement in her disappearance and supposed death.

The handling of her case created a political rift between Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

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Large phishing campaign targets EMEA and APAC governments (Pierluigi Paganini, Security Affairs)

Security researchers uncovered a large phishing campaign targeting multiple government departments in APAC and EMEA countries

Large phishing campaign targets EMEA and APAC governmentsSecurity Affairs