Cina Medio Oriente

La visita di Xi Jinping in Medio Oriente: la prospettiva cinese (fonte: INSS)

Ori Sela Are new winds blowing in China’s relations with Middle East states, or are they essentially more of the same? The visit by China’s President to Saudi Arabia was heralded as a “new era,” but what does this mean, and what can be understood from Beijing’s various statements about how it sees the region? […]

Arabia Saudita Cina Medio Oriente

Stato attuale delle relazioni tra Cina e Medio Oriente: cosa significa la visita di Xi Jinping in Arabia Saudita (fonte: JIIA)

Masaaki Yatsuzuka Chinese President Xi Jinping paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia from 7 to 10 December 2022 and participated in a series of important summit meetings: a China-Saudi Arabia Summit, a China-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit and an inaugural China-Arab States Summit. This is Xi Jinping’s third official visit to the Middle East […]

Medio Oriente Nord Africa

L’importanza strategica del Medio Oriente e del Nord Africa: i punti di forza e i limiti della ricchezza petrolifera e gassosa dell’area MENA e la sfida del cambiamento climatico (fonte: CSIS)

Anthony H. Cordesman The Emeritus Chair in Strategy has issued an updated, book length report on the changing strategic importance of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region entitled The Strengths and Limits of MENA Oil and Gas Wealth and the Challenge of Climate Change. It focuses on the energy and other economic aspects of […]

Europa Medio Oriente UK

Il Medio Oriente nel 2023: cinque aree su cui concentrarsi per il Regno Unito e l’Europa (fonte: RUSI)

Tobias Borck Following a relatively quiet year in the Middle East from Europe’s perspective, 2023 is likely to bring significant challenges in the region – and governments in London and other European capitals will need to be prepared. The Middle East in 2023: Five Areas for the UK and Europe to Focus On | Royal United […]

Medio Oriente

Previsioni di politica estera per il Medio Oriente nel 2023 (fonte: JCPA)

Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah Will Iran pursue its goal to cross the nuclear threshold and master a nuclear device and long-range missiles capable of hitting Israel? Could this development trigger a nuclear arms race in the Arab Middle East, especially since we are witnessing the development of an Arab front in opposition to the […]

Medio Oriente USA

L’unità dell’Aeronautica Militare USA sta esplorando gli usi dei piccoli droni in Medio Oriente (fonte: Defense News)

Rachel S. Cohen After struggling to fend off weaponized quadcopters in the Middle East for years, a band of volunteer airmen is trying to flip the script. The new unit, known as “Task Force 99″ at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, wants the U.S. Air Force to use small, store-bought drones to its own advantage. Air […]