Mekong Region

Opportunities for Sustainable Power Development in the Mekong (Stimson Center)

Join for a discussion on how the Mekong Region can meet rapidly rising electricity demand without compromising environmental, social, and economic while coping with the impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. This discussion draws on two recent studies which explore power needs across the Mekong region and discuss gaps and opportunities in light of disruptions from the pandemic, drought, and new technologies.

Courtney Weatherby, Apisom Intralawan, David Wood, and Pinida Leelapanang Kamphaengthong will launch two studies funded by the Mekong –US Partnership and Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership (SIP): Lower Mekong Power Developments: Drought, Renewable Disruptions, & Electricity Trade and Economic and Environmental Assessment of Lower Mekong Countries Power Development Plans. Following this, outside experts Nguyen Linh Dan, Rafael Schmitt, Travis Lowder, and Phimsupha Kokcheng will discuss the key takeaways and what they mean for regional energy plans.

Opportunities for Sustainable Power Development in the Mekong • Stimson Center