Supply Chain Resilience

The Great Supply-Chain Massacre (Diane Coyle, Project-Syndicate)

It is unclear whether current widespread product shortages are merely a temporary disruption or evidence of a global production meltdown. But today’s supply shocks offer striking parallels with the 2008 global financial crisis, and may require a similarly bold policy response.

The Great Supply-Chain Massacre by Diane Coyle – Project Syndicate (

India QUAD Supply Chain Resilience

A Supply Chain Resilience Agenda for the Quad (Akshay Mathur, ORF)

There is a palpable churning in geopolitics and geoeconomics taking place; the US-China trade war, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a breakdown of the multilateral system are forcing an evaluation and reconfiguration of global supply chains. The relocation of global supply chains that began with the US-China trade war was further catalysed by the pandemic, which lifted the veil on the grave vulnerabilities in production networks of essential commodities.

A Supply Chain Resilience Agenda for the Quad | ORF (