China/Tajikistan – Sino-Tajik Relations: An Unequal Partnership (VIF)

Dr Pravesh Kumar Gupta, Research Associate , VIF

The narrative about the ‘peaceful Rise of China’ is ironic. China has border disputes with all its neighbours. Some of these issues have been addressed, while some still exist. For example, its border dispute with India is a critical issue affecting the bilateral relations. On the other hand, China’s disputes with its Central Asian neighbours have been resolved but with conditions attached to them. Beijing’s deep economic engagement has helped it enhance its strategic leverage in Central Asia. However, deeper Chinese penetration in the region has also led to severe consequences, especially for Central Asia’s low-income, remittance-based economies. Tajikistan has become the victim of economic over-dependence on China. China’s relations with Tajikistan have led to fewer economic benefits and more of geopolitical concerns, especially in the shape of land encroachment and debt trap.

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