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Cina-Arabia Saudita. La visita di Xi Jinping a Riyadh (fonte: Manohar Parrikar Institute)

Md. Muddassir Quamar

President Xi Jinping’s visit to Riyadh highlighted the continued centrality of the economic engagements between the two countries. The China–GCC and China–Arab summits held during the visit showed the significance of the Gulf and MENA region in China’s strategic calculus and the prominence of Riyadh in GCC and Arab politics. To suggest that the visit is a sign of the end of the Saudi–US partnership might be an exaggeration, given the continued mutuality of interests in economic and security domains. As for implications for India, China and India could become competitors for attracting Saudi investments.

Two to Tango: Xi Jinping’s Visit to Riyadh | Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (