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Cina-UK. E’ finita l”età d’oro’ delle relazioni tra i due Paesi ? (Global Times)

UK-China ties are now at a crossroads after UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced in his first foreign policy speech on Monday that the “golden era” of UK-China relations is over. Whether Sunak is continuing the status quo of “hot economics, cold politics,” or is seeking to become more hawkish and shortsighted on his China policy remains to be seen, experts said.

The “golden era” was proposed by the UK at a time when British politicians eyed China as a good partner in UK’s development. Yet incumbent UK leaders lack the same wisdom, with their chaotic China policies premised on nationalism, experts said. The ball is firmly in London’s court when it comes to reviving the relationship that is still consequential for the UK’s development, and the UK must resume pragmatic diplomacy and unhitch itself from other countries or small cliques for it to work.

UK-China ties at crossroads after Sunak announced end of ‘golden era’ – Global Times