Daily Brief Geostrategic thinking

Cities in the future already present

Stefaan G. Verhulst for GCN touches on a decisive and strategic issue. Cities will be decisive for the governance of artificial intelligence.

Verhulst’s contribution prompts complex reflections.

The first concerns the centrality, in any strategic analysis, of the technological factor. Technology, with its opportunities and with its risks, is the transforming element of our lives right up to international relations. Through the lens of technology, particularly geospatial ones, we can map innovation and help make our cities increasingly resilient, safe and competitive.

The second reflection concerns the geostrategic role of cities. In the reconfiguration of power relations at the international level, and in the need to rebuild proximity between citizens and institutions, cities are the ideal place. Moreover, they are and will increasingly become hubs for strategic investments.

Our engagement with the future of globalisation finds a very interesting area of research in the relationship between cities and technologies.