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Climate change in security, without borders

Of particular interest is the climate issue linked to national security. We report a policy paper by the German think tank DGAP which invites  to consider the climate as part of collective security while Germany is developing the National Security Strategy.

Climate issue and its impacts now represent a structural phenomenon that does not distinguish between more or less poor countries and that calls into question the overall “resilience”.

The occasion of this post is to underline how, looking at the climate, we should work to re-think the idea of ​​security in complex terms. The classic idea of ​​security is continually problematized by dynamics which, in the de-generative megacrisis we are experiencing, do not arise separately.

Re-thinking security in a complex way is a profoundly political act. If this is true at a national level (Germany, in this case), it is Europe (perhaps with “variable geometries”) that must take charge, on pain of its survival, of sharing sensitive issues such as a new idea of ​​security and, in this context, of intelligence.

In today’s world, either security is re-elaborated in continental / regional terms or it is not: national experiences, however important, are no longer sufficient. Who tells, to climate change, to stop at our borders?