Israel’s new cyber defense training school is set inside a high-tech park in the southern city of Beersheba. Opened in August, the modern campus is part of the J6 and Cyber Defense Directorate, and it’s part of a broader move by the Israel Defense Forces to shift units south.

Defense News spoke with three senior officers at the training center to discuss their goals and how cyberspace is changing how Israel’s military functions. Capt. Noa Givner, who leads the school’s department of data science, has served with the IDF for seven years; Maj. Noam Bright, head of the department of computer science, has served for 12 years; and Maj. I, chief of the department of cybersecurity, has served for 10 years. (The full name of Maj. I was not provided for security reasons.)

How Israel is preparing the next generation of cyber soldiers (