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Competizione tecnologica tra USA e Cina. E l’India

Dall’analisi di Akshat Upadhyay, IDSA. Technology has assumed critical importance in the ongoing ‘strategic competition’ between the United States and China. The technology-infused great-power competition is likely to reshape the current structure of international relations. There is a likelihood of the emergence of two opposing techno-political systems led by China and the US, with the rest of the world faced with a choice: side with one at the expense of the other. India’s strategic autonomy may be strained to the maximum in navigating this scenario. India can and should, therefore, help strengthen open source technical systems, backed up by the heft of its market that may be adopted by countries unwilling to toe a particular political line and yet not compromise on their developmental priorities.

Embedded Rivalry: Technology as an Arbiter in US–China Great Power Competition | Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (