COP15 India

Convenzione sulla diversità biologica: priorità e opportunità per l’India (fonte: CAPS)

As India formally took over the presidency of the G20, climate change, food security, sustainable living, climate finance, and energy security would be high on India’s G20 agenda. This sharpened focus will undoubtedly provide the burgeoning climate dialogue, innovations, and business models in India and around the world a multifaceted boost. Additionally, it will solidify India’s position as a world leader in climate change negotiations. In fact, biodiversity is facing a greater threat due to anthropogenic actions. The Living Planet Report of 2022 highlights that there has been an average decline of 69 per cent in species populations since 1970. The stakeholders are indeed making efforts for conservation; however, expedited actions are needed to redress the damage already done. Taking these factors into account, the representatives of 190 countries met in Montreal, Canada, between December 7 and 19, for the United Nations Biodiversity Conference of Parties summit (COP15).

COP15 of Convention on Biological Diversity: India’s Priorities and Opportunities – CAPS India