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COP27. Pochi punti in comune per fermare l’aumento della temperatura media globale

L’analisi di Alice C. Hill per Council on Foreign Relations: This year’s UN climate conference, COP27, ended with a whimper. Organizers billed it as the conference for implementation and adaptation. However, COP27, like many prior climate convenings, was long on discussion and short on progress. Representatives from countries worldwide arrived with mixed agendas to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, a Red Sea resort town lined with water parks at the southern tip of the bone-dry Sinai Peninsula. After two weeks of negotiations, countries found little common ground to halt global average temperature rise, which keeps the world on a path for more extreme heat, extended drought, raging wildfires, and sea-level rise.

COP27 Didn’t Make Enough Progress to Prevent Climate Catastrophe | Council on Foreign Relations (