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Corea del Nord e la successione al potere

Dall’analisi di Gabriela Bernal, The Interpreter. North Korea’s leader has publicly revealed the existence of one of his children for the first time. But the big announcement didn’t come in the form of a statement or a traditional family portrait. Instead, photos of Kim Jong-un and his daughter in front of a giant inter-continental ballistic missile made the headlines. In North Korea, the leadership succession is as important as the survival of the country itself. It ultimately falls on the country’s leader to protect the nation against foreign attack, invasion, or regime change. This is why the “Paektu bloodline” is so important – a reference to the Kim dynasty that has ruled North Korea ever since the country’s founding in 1948. A strong personality cult around the Kim family was created to solidify and justify the legitimacy of Great Leader Kim Il-sung – and his successors – as the only leaders fit to rule the nation.

Worth a thousand words: what Kim Jong‑un’s daughter photo tells | Lowy Institute