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Dentro ai populismi

Naylin Al, Australian Institute for International Affairs:

If there was any doubt that Brexit populism in 2016 was going to be a unique and singular phenomenon, the election of Donald Trump in America  months later in November made it clear that a new wave of populism was in fact sweeping across Western democracies. The euphoria and triumphalism of democracy-on-the-march that had reached its zenith in 2008 was clearly backsliding across Latin America, Asia, and in the liberal heartlands of the United States (US) and Europe.

Though Trump was booted from office in 2020 after a single term, both his political influence and his popular legacy has remained decidedly vibrant. From the far-right Brothers of Italy to the ultra-nationalist Sweden Democrats – and now Trump’s 2024 presidential bid – what explains populisms’ continued influence? And is there a useful role for it?

Populism and the Political Economy of Bad Choices – Australian Institute of International Affairs – Australian Institute of International Affairs