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(Economia globale) Nessuna politica di resilienza della catena di approvvigionamento sarà possibile senza tenere conto della Cina come fornitore nel breve termine

Jhanvi Tripathi, Observer Research Foundation:

The global economy in the last five years has faced multiple shocks to its system. The trade war between US and China, the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the resultant oil and food security crisis have all been contributing factors. In the midst of all this, China’s Zero-COVID policy has become another burden to the system.

While reports suggest that the policy is being rolled back due to citizen protests—in itself a shocking occurrence for the country—the economic damage is not so easy to reverse. The urge to move away from China as a manufacturing centre has been front and centre amidst this turmoil.

Storm Warning: Zero-COVID, Chinese Slowdown, and Supply Chains | ORF (