End of the Merkel Era: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Shimon Stein, INSS)

The elections in Germany on September 26, 2021 brought to an end Angela Merkel’s 16 consecutive years as Chancellor. Her approach to management of affairs of state and international issues was characterized by mastery of the facts, credibility, avoidance of statements or actions that could encourage extreme positions, and an effort to reach a broad consensus. At the same time, her policies lacked overall strategy and vision, and displayed unwillingness to take electoral risks. Thus Merkel will be remembered as one who managed crises, rather than as one who resolved them. On Israel, Chancellor Merkel will be remembered for her stress on responsibility for the security of Israel as an integral part of Germany‘s “reason of state” that is non-negotiable. Merkel’s very positive image among the Israeli public (compared to Israel’s problematic image among the German public) is partly explained by her avoidance of public criticism, apart from disapproval of settlement policy in the West Bank, which in her opinion does not help secure Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state.

End of the Merkel Era: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi | INSS