Energy Transition – What new strategic imperatives in the oil and gas sector mean for the energy transition (WEF)

Community Lead, Oil and Gas Industry, World Economic Forum / Managing Director, Global Head of Oil & Gas Downstream, Accenture / Senior Manager – Strategy, Accenture
  • Policies and measures to achieve net-zero emissions will have a profound impact on the oil and gas sector, both in relation to its operations as well as in demand for its products.
  • Decarbonisation and evolving demand call for industry players to consider and, in some cases, reinvent their business models and future portfolio strategies.
  • Incumbents must understand their role in the energy transition and decide what to offload, where to diversify, what to optimise, which new market opportunities to target.

Shifting strategic imperatives of the oil and gas industry | World Economic Forum (

Image: Accenture