Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam – Has diplomacy failed? (Al Jazeera)

The United Nations Security Council will likely meet this week to discuss the continuing dispute between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia over a giant dam built by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile.

But the French ambassador to the UN says the security council could do little more than bring the parties together to discuss concerns and to encourage them to return to negotiations.

The African Union has for months tried to mediate between the three countries, but despite its efforts, the dispute remains unresolved.

Cairo and Khartoum say the issue could threaten peace and security in the region, and asked the UN Security Council to intervene before the situation escalates.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Mohammed Girma – Visiting lecturer at the University of Roehampton

Nader Noureldeen – Professor of soil sciences and water resources at Cairo University

El Sadig Sharfi – Professor of the engineering faculty at the University of Khartoum

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