(Europe/Libya) Spoiler alert: How Europe can save diplomacy in Libya (Tarek Megerisi, ECFR)

  • Key European states need to make Libya a shared foreign policy priority, and to overcome their competing approaches to the country.
  • Europeans must reinvigorate the UN political track and use it to reinforce a unified national structure rather than entrench competing administrations.
  • They should focus on protecting Europe’s core interests in Libya: sustainably ending the conflict, creating a reliable local partner, and preserving European influence.
  • To make the UN process work, Europeans should take a more hands-on approach to blocking and isolating domestic and international spoilers, refocusing the political track on unifying objectives, and supporting security sector reform.
  • Europeans should also provide stabilisation, technical, and diplomatic support to strengthen Libya’s governance and accountability mechanisms, which are needed to ensure a new government can successfully hold elections in December 2021.

Spoiler alert: How Europe can save diplomacy in Libya