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Food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa

Due to climate change, the countries of sub-Saharan Africa are the area in the world with the highest rate of food insecurity.

Below is a map taken from IMF blog (Laurent KemoeCedric OkouPritha Mitra and Filiz UnsalHow Africa Can Escape Chronic Food Insecurity Amid Climate Change).

In addition to imagining solutions to deal with the phenomenon, the systemic interrelation tells us that what happens in those countries must become an integral part of a European geostrategic thought: adequate living conditions for those populations, in fact, have an important geopolitical impact in terms of security in those countries and in Europe.

It is not only the pandemic and the war in Ukraine that negatively affect the destinies of Europe but also ancient problems in that part of Africa, today aggravated by new strategic challenges.