Daily Brief Geostrategic thinking

Forgotten wars are a sin

As always, Pope Francis stands as a moral and, for those who read his words in terms of historical vision, also political reference.

In the Pope’s speech for the 150th anniversary of the magazine ‘Mondo e Missione’, some considerations return, important to emphasise:
– the theme of ‘geographical and existential peripheries’. Paradox and fact of reality, in an increasingly interconnected world, those peripheries remain relegated to the margins of the world;
– another paradox and fact of reality is that while distances have shortened, ideological ‘customs’ have multiplied;
– the issue of growing inequalities that mainly affect the poorer and less ‘visible’ worlds;
– the forgotten wars that the Pope considers a sin.

To make a ‘historical judgement’ in the evolving worlds requires knowledge and the will-ability to widen our gaze to the truly context of a ‘third world war in chapters’. The complex approach is necessary if we are to strive for the political-strategic sustainability of the world.