Daily Brief Geostrategic thinking

From Asia to the world

The governance of the maritime competition in the Western Pacific is increasingly crucial from a geostrategic point of view.

In the background are all the tensions we know and which, on a daily basis, concretely affect our lives.

Ryan Hass for Brookings (Invigorating regional efforts to bolster maritime security in Asia) raises some key issues:
– the fact that the growing enmity between the US and China is eliminating the possibilities for the two global powers to cooperate on pandemic response and climate change. Therefore, as we have repeatedly emphasised, there is a need to strengthen channels of strategic dialogue that directly affect the survival of humanity and of  the planet. We need ‘cooperative competition’;
– in the great ongoing recomposition of power relations at the international level, the fault line of geopolitical tensions (Hass recalls Bruce Jones’ analysis) has shifted to Asia. Here, the US and China need to work on managing incidents and reducing the risk of conflict.

Much more could be said. The author’s policy paper is of great interest.
In conclusion, in our opinion, what is needed are renewed regional and global dialogues that help mediate the existing processes and promote strategic visions that must include all stakeholders, none excluded.