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(G20) Il G20 deve spingere le riforme della Banca Mondiale

Gautam Chikermane, Observer Research Foundation:

Anywhere you look, a White West narrative supremacy is running amok. Part of that ‘supremacy’ lies in real numbers—high per capita income, invention of technology and innovation, a powerful military-industrial complex, development that is an aspiration, and consumption that doesn’t need to bother about earnings. But a large and increasingly vocal expression of that supremacy is accentuated by manipulated narratives.

So, while an impression is created that global rankings and short-listing of countries on parameters from democracy to hunger are based on objective facts and merit, an analytical dissection shows its enfeebled innards and indefensible outputs. We are thankful to a new Working Paper from India’s Economic Advisory Council to Prime Minister (EAC-PM), which explores and exposes this manoeuvring of the West, by the West, and for the West against rising nations such as India.

G20 needs to push rankings reforms at the World Bank | ORF (