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(Geopolitics-Peru) La ‘trappola dell’impeachment’ in Perù (fonte: Hari Seshasayee, ORF)

It was only a matter of time until Peru’s Pedro Castillo was impeached as president. Castillo had been hanging by a thread ever since he began his term with a razor-thin 0.2 percent margin in the 2021 elections. Lima’s political elite publicly expressed their distaste for Castillo even before he began his term, and Peru’s Congress began impeachment proceedings soon after he took office. In this context, it’s remarkable that Castillo survived nearly 500 days in office. Castillo’s attempt to dissolve Congress and assume more powers may well be called a ‘self-coup,’ but in reality, it was little more than political suicide. Without the support of his own party or ministers, the armed forces or judiciary, Castillo’s plan was never going to amount to anything more than a self-goal.

Peru’s ‘impeachment trap’ | ORF (