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Geostrategic environment (august 31, 2022 – pm)



China – Russia

China – Russia – Mongolia

China – Taiwan

Germany – Mali – Russia

Israel – Azerbaijan

New Zealand

  • August 30, 2022. Emily Benson, Elizabeth Duncan, CSIS. As international partners increasingly converge on policies that could more effectively leverage trade as a means of combating climate change, New Zealand has emerged as a leader in utilizing trade tools to move necessary environmental policies forward. It has done this through the World Trade Organization (WTO), bilateral free trade agreements, and other multilateral agreements. Small Country, Big Climate Agenda: New Zealand’s Approach to Climate and Trade


Taiwan – Japan

  • August 31, 2022. Veerle Nouwens, RUSI. In this episode, Veerle speaks with Li Hao, Research Fellow at the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), about the Japanese reaction to Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan and China’s subsequent live-fire drills in the region. They discuss the direct impacts the military exercises have had on Japan and consider the larger implications these events may have on Japan’s economy and security policy in the future. They also look at the possibility of war breaking out in the region and what Japan’s role could be in moderating and mitigating harm. Episode 39: Anything but ‘New Normal’: How Taiwan Strait Tensions Impact Japan



Defense – Military – Security


  • August 31, 2022. Charlie Reynolds, RUSI. In 2020, the US Department of Justice dismantled several cryptocurrency-based terrorist financing networks. This Commentary examines the motivations and real-world factors influencing the use of Bitcoin by Malhama Tactical, one of the foreign-fighter factions targeted by the Department of Justice, and asks whether cryptocurrency financing has been a successful means of raising funds for the group. Cryptocurrency Crowdsourcing by Russian-Speaking Foreign Fighters in Syria