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Camille Sansberro (IRIS) writes that, on November 19, 2023, Javier Milei won the presidential elections in Argentina with 56% of the votes. The inauguration ceremony took place on December 10th. At his side, a woman: Victoria Villarruel. If Javier Milei occupies the limelight of the media scene for his personality and his program, December 10 also marks the arrival of Victoria Villarruel as vice president. Who is this 48 year old lawyer?

Qui est Victoria Villarruel, la nouvelle vice-présidente de l’Argentine ? | IRIS (


Sen Gong (East Asia Forum) writes on the evolution of China’s Global Development Initiative, presented at the 76th UN General Assembly in September 2021

Can China’s GDI navigate geopolitics and deliver results? | East Asia Forum

European Union

Veronica Anghel, Engjellushe Morina (CNAS) discuss the eastern enlargement of the European Union: at the last European Council, the heads of State and government agreed to start accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova and to grant the status of candidate for Georgia. What are the prospects for successful enlargement?

The Future of EU Enlargement: Obstacles and Opportunities | Center for a New American Security (en-US) (

European Union – Western Balkans

Lea Fanku (European Council on Foreign Relations) writes that the European Commission’s new support package for the Western Balkans could incentivize the reforms necessary for both EU membership and the green transition. But promoting climate action as a priority in the region will be far from simple

Green enlargement: How the EU’s growth plan for the Western Balkans can promote climate action | ECFR

Global Economy

Experts from the Atlantic Council think tank comment on the numbers of the global economy in 2023

By the numbers: The global economy in 2023 – Atlantic Council


1 – Nir Reuven (BESA Center) writes that Israel has earned the nickname “start-up nation” due to its liveliness in the civilian-commercial technology sector. Examining the dynamics between the thriving commercial hi-tech sector and the defense sector, it is clear that Israel’s security situation remains the fuel that fuels the country’s vibrant start-up ecosystem

Is Israel the “Start-Up Nation” Because of Its Unique Security Situation? (

2 – Public opinion survey of Arab society in Israel on the war in Gaza, November-December 2023 (by Adam Asad, Yaron Kaplan – The Israel Democracy Institute). About two-thirds of Israel’s Arab citizens feel part of the State and its problems. More than half (56%) agree with MP Mansour Abbas’ statement that the October 7 Hamas attack does not reflect Arab society and Islamic values, and 86.5% support aid efforts civilian volunteering during the war. At the same time, 71% do not feel comfortable expressing themselves freely on social media, 84% are worried about their physical safety and 86% are worried about their financial security

Most Arab Israelis: October 7 Attack Does Not Reflect Islamic, Palestinian, or Arab Society Values – The Israel Democracy Institute (

NATO – Arctic

Sophie Arts (GMF) writes that on 11 December 2023, GMF convened a group of experts from Northern Europe and North America to assess security challenges in the High North and the Arctic and to discuss NATO’s strategic role

Shaping the Contours of an Integrated Arctic Security Approach | German Marshall Fund of the United States (

Russia – Africa

Mariel Ferragamo (Council on Foreign Relations) writes that, although Moscow’s presence in Africa is smaller than that of other powers, the Kremlin uses its anti-Western sentiment to strengthen its influence. Critics of the Wagner Group’s growing involvement say Moscow is strengthening authoritarianism, fueling conflict over resources and threatening human rights

Russia’s Growing Footprint in Africa | Council on Foreign Relations (

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