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We are in cooperation with The Science of Where Magazine. Through the analyses of global think tanks, we follow the evolution of the situation in Israel/Middle East

Daily from global think tanks (Worlds – Systemic Sustainability)

Worlds (Attack on Israel; ASEAN-East Asia Summit-India; Australia; Australia-Philippines; China; China-Iran; Japan-EU; USA; War in Ukraine)

Attack on Israel

Lydia Khalil (Lowy The Interpreter) – Israel–Palestine conflict once more the overriding issue of regional security | Lowy Institute

Emily Harding (Center for Strategic & International Studies) – How Could Israeli Intelligence Miss the Hamas Invasion Plans? (

Jon B. Alterman (Center for Strategic & International Studies) – Hamas and Israel: The Current Situation and Looking Ahead (

Elliott Abrams, Steven Cook, James M. Lindsay (Council on Foreign Relations) – The Israel-Hamas War, With Elliott Abrams and Steven Cook | Council on Foreign Relations (

Andie Parry, Ashka Jhaveri, Johanna Moore, Annika Ganzeveld, and Amin Soltani (Institute for the Study of War) – Iran Update, October 11, 2023 | Institute for the Study of War (

Daniel Byman (Lawfare) – An Intelligence Failure in Israel, but What Kind? | Lawfare (

The Global Eye – Israele-Hamas. L’intelligence di Israele alla prova della complessità. Dall’analisi di Amy Zegart (Foreign Affairs)

The Global Eye – Israele-Hamas. Attenzione ai rischi di destabilizzazione dell’Egitto. Lo scrive Alexander Clarkson (World Politics Review)

Sir John Chipman KCMG, Laith Alajlouni, Hasan Alhasan, Emile Hokayem, John Raine, Rym Montaz, Dana H. Allin, Nigel Gould-Davies (IISS) – IISS experts assess the Hamas–Israel war and its international implications

Ben Barry, Tom Beckett, Fabian Hinz (IISS) – The Hamas attack and Israeli military options (

Eldad Shavit (INSS) – Biden in a Historic Speech: Significance and Implications | INSS

Yoel Guzansky (INSS) – The War in Israel in the Eyes of Moderate Arab States | INSS

INSS – Where Do We Go From Here? | INSS

Kabir Taneja (Observer Research Foundation) – Israel-Hamas War: A challenge for the ‘new’ Middle East | ORF (

ASEAN – East Asia Summit – India

Rajaram Panda (Vivekananda International Foundation) scrive a proposito dei vertici ASEAN ed East Asia Summit tenutisi a settembre in Indonesia. Oltre alla valutazione dei rapporti tra India e ASEAN, l’Autore sottolinea l’importanza che l’ASEAN risolva gli interessi contrastanti tra i suoi membri quando si tratta di questioni economiche e di sicurezza regionale più ampie

Rajaram Panda (Vivekananda International Foundation) writes about the ASEAN and East Asia Summits held in September in Indonesia. In addition to assessing the relationship between India and ASEAN, the author emphasises the importance of ASEAN resolving conflicting interests among its members when it comes to broader economic and regional security issues

Summits in Jakarta: Relevance and Limitations | Vivekananda International Foundation (


Peter Briggs (ASPI The Strategist) scrive delle complessità  dell’investimento australiano per l’acquisto di sottomarini d’attacco a propulsione nucleare

Peter Briggs (ASPI The Strategist) writes about the complexities of Australia’s investment in the purchase of nuclear-powered attack submarines

How many nuclear-powered submarines for Australia? | The Strategist (

Australia – Philippines

Björn Dressel (East Asia Forum) scrive dell’importanza e dell’evoluzione del partenariato strategico tra l’Australia e le Filippine

Björn Dressel (East Asia Forum) writes about the importance and evolution of the strategic partnership between Australia and the Philippines

Australia and the Philippines transforming shared values into real progress | East Asia Forum


Gopal Suri (Vivekananda International Foundation) scrive della volontà strategica di Pechino di riformare la governance globale

Gopal Suri (Vivekananda International Foundation) writes about Beijing’s strategic will to reform global governance

Chinese Initiatives for Global Governance: Re-Defining the Global Order? | Vivekananda International Foundation (

China – Iran

Harshit Sharma (Vivekananda International Foundation) scrive della scoperta di giacimenti di litio in Iran e dell’interesse prioritario di Pechino. Per essere più sicura, secondo l’Autore, Teheran dovrebbe diversificare le proprie opzioni

Harshit Sharma (Vivekananda International Foundation) writes about the discovery of lithium deposits in Iran and Beijing’s priority interest. To be more secure, according to the author, Tehran should diversify its options

Iran-China Cooperation in Lithium Industry: Prospects and Challenges | Vivekananda International Foundation (

Japan – EU

Fukunari Kimura (East Asia Forum) scrive sull’importanza della politica industriale sui semiconduttori e delle norme sull’economia digitale come aspetti importanti del nascente partenariato digitale Giappone-UE

Fukunari Kimura (East Asia Forum) writes about the importance of semiconductor industrial policy and digital economy regulations as important aspects of the emerging Japan-EU digital partnership

The Japan–EU digital partnership under geopolitical tension | East Asia Forum


Will Freeman (Council on Foreign Relations) scrive sull’arrivo di oltre centomila migranti e richiedenti asilo a New York e in altre grandi città statunitensi nell’ultimo anno che ha suscitato un nuovo dibattito sulla politica di immigrazione degli Stati Uniti

Will Freeman (Council on Foreign Relations) writes about the arrival of over a hundred thousand migrants and asylum seekers in New York and other major US cities over the past year that has sparked a new debate on US immigration policy

Why New York Is Experiencing a Migrant Crisis | Council on Foreign Relations (

War in Ukraine

Daily report, Institute for the Study of War (Karolina Hird, Angelica Evans, Christina Harward, Nicole Wolkov, and Mason Clark) – Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 11, 2023 | Institute for the Study of War (

Systemic Sustainability (Climate Action; Global Perspectives) 

Climate Action

Chad P. Brown e Kimberly Clausing (Peterson Institute for International Economics) scrivono delle diverse politiche climatiche di USA, Europa e Cina sulle politiche climatiche e, in un rapporto, suggerisce che i tre blocchi cooperino per una efficace azione multilaterale

Chad P. Brown and Kimberly Clausing (Peterson Institute for International Economics) write about the different climate policies of the US, Europe and China and, in a report, suggest that the three blocs cooperate for effective multilateral action

How trade cooperation by the United States, the European Union, and China can fight climate change | PIIE

Global Perspectives

Ngaire Woods (Project Syndicate – ASPI The Strategist) scrive che a Marrakesh, in occasione delle riunioni di Fondo Monetario Internazionale e Banca Mondiale, i rappresentanti di 190 Paesi cercano di trovare un equilibrio tra cooperazione internazionale e politica interna

Ngaire Woods (Project Syndicate – ASPI The Strategist) writes that in Marrakesh, at the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, representatives of 190 countries try to strike a balance between international cooperation and domestic politics

Towards a functional global order | The Strategist (

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