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(Martin Mühleisen – Atlantic Council) The economic prospects for Argentina with the Milei presidency

Argentina needs reforms even more than the IMF’s money – Atlantic Council

Australia – China

(Marina Yue Zhang, Hans Hendrischke – East Asia Forum) Chinese technology enterprises are navigating a particularly turbulent current in Australia. The growing scepticism and regulatory scrutiny they face reflect a techno-geopolitical uncertainty, with Australia caught between its economic interdependence with China and strategic alignment with the United States. China’s pivot from a major recipient to a significant source of foreign direct investment, particularly through its new technology firms, marks a major shift in the global economic scene. Australia, with its rich resources and strategic location, emerged as a key destination for Chinese outward FDI. Yet the warm welcome Chinese investment in Australia has cooled considerably in recent years

The obstacles that now face Chinese FDI in Australia are only partly Australia-made | East Asia Forum

AUKUS – USA – Pacific

(Mark F. Cancian – Center for Strategic & International Studies) The report ‘Security in the Western Pacific: Building Future Capabilities in the Time of AUKUS aims to help the defense industry and governments identify future capabilities to deal with the rising challenge from China. The AUKUS agreement has been a major development in facing this challenge, but insights here apply to the full spectrum of U.S. allies and partners in the Pacific

Security in the Western Pacific: Building Future Capabilities in the Time of AUKUS (

Balochistan – China

(Riccardo Valle, Lucas Webber – The Jamestown Foundation) The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) militant group in Pakistan opposes Chinese investment projects in Balochistan province, viewing China as complicit in Pakistani government oppression of their people. The BLA has carried out multiple attacks against Chinese nationals and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) installations since 2018. The group stated that it would increase attacks on Chinese interests in Pakistan after 90 days unless China withdrew from Balochistan entirely. While the BLA’s 90-day ultimatum came and passed without a major attack, competition among various Baloch militant groups could drive new attacks in early 2024 by the BLA or other allied Baloch separatist groups

Rising Anti-China Sentiment in Balochistan Threatens Increased Attacks on Chinese Interests in Pakistan – Jamestown


(Will Brehm – East Asia Forum) After Cambodia’s 1998 elections, Hun Sen declared he was ‘the only captain of the ship’, finally shedding the conflicting title of co-prime minister he shared with Prince Norodom Ranariddh for the previous five years. Fast forward a quarter century, the captain successfully orchestrated a power transfer to his son, Hun Manet. Hun Sen has evaded mutiny, rebellion and revolt from the vying factions within his Cambodian People’s Party

Hun Manet faces his father’s uneven economic legacy | East Asia Forum

European Union – Hamas

(Adam Rousselle – The Jamestown Foundation) German authorities arrested four alleged Hamas operatives in Berlin and Rotterdam in December 2023 for allegedly plotting attacks on Jewish sites in Europe. Three additional suspects were arrested in Denmark and Netherlands. The German interior ministry considers Berlin-based Majed al-Zeer to be “[Hamas’s] secret representative in Germany,” and a key European conduit for Hamas fundraising in Europe. Government attempts at charging al-Zeer have not succeeded. Crackdowns on Hamas abroad risk further alienating the sizable Palestinian diaspora community in Europe, especially in Berlin. This could inspire more recruitment into Jihadist militant groups.

European Sting Operations Target Suspected Hamas Operatives – Jamestown

Global Perspectives

1 – (Atlantic Council) The world in 2034. About 300 experts discuss the world in the next 10 years

Welcome to 2034: What the world could look like in ten years, according to nearly 300 experts   – Atlantic Council

2 – (Bruce Jones – GA) From the Red Sea to the Baltic and the Pacific, geopolitics are putting global commerce at risk

Globalization is at risk (


1 – (Jacob Zenn – The Jamestown Foundation) Indonesia’s general election is scheduled for February 14, 2024. 59 militants were arrested on October 31, 2023 for planning to disrupt said elections, including 19 members of Jemaa Islamiya (JI), which was previously believed to have been dormant. 40 suspects from the Jamaah Anshar Daulah (JAD) group have also been arrested for planning attacks around the elections, according to Indonesia’s Densus 88 counterterrorism unit

Brief: Indonesian Counter-Terrorism Forces on Edge Ahead of Elections – Jamestown

2 – (Chris Morris – East Asia Forum) 2024 promises to be a busy year for Indonesian democracy. Voters will elect a new president, 20,462 national and regional legislators and, later, some 548 regional heads. As Indonesia’s democratic transition has stagnated and shown increasing signs of regression, direct election of regional heads remains popular among voters even as some elites have again soured on the idea. There are additional factors that may either strengthen or further undermine the quality of Indonesian democracy in 2024

Will 2024’s regional head elections strengthen or undermine Indonesian democracy? | East Asia Forum

Near East

1 – (Atlantic Council) Exports on the US and UK strikes on Houthis and what to expect next – including the prospects of a regional war with Iran

Experts react: What to know about US and UK strikes on the Houthis in Yemen – Atlantic Council

2 – (Jon B. Alterman – Center for Strategic & International Studies) In the overnight hours of January 11–12, U.S. and British forces used air-, ship-, and submarine-launched weapons against about 60 targets in Yemen

Why Did the United States Just Bomb Yemen? (

3 – (Lisandra Novo – Atlantic Council) The Author, who previously was a judicial fellow at the International Court of Justice, explains what about the case against Israel and what to expect going forward

Five questions and answers about South Africa’s genocide case against Israel – Atlantic Council

Nigeria – Boko Haram 

(Jacob Zenn – The Jamestown Foundation) Boko Haram and its ISWAP faction have been locked in a stalemate with the Nigerian military. The group may only seek to preserve the status quo rather than risk provoking a major army offensive. The stalemate has persisted since 2014

Brief: Is Boko Haram Bracing for Another ‘Quiet’ Year in 2024? – Jamestown

Pakistan – Afghanistan – USA

(Moneeb Mir – The Jamestown Foundation) Pakistan’s army chief visited the United States in December to “reset” strained relations and potentially secure American aid in the hopes of ameliorating Pakistan’s ongoing economic crisis and rising militant threat. Since the 2021 Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, there has been a 65 percent surge in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Islamabad blames this on the Afghan Taliban’s support of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Pakistan is increasingly retaliating by means of economic sanctions and the forced return of more than a million Afghan refugees. This policy could destabilize the region and force the United States to refocus its attention back to Afghanistan and Pakistan

Pakistani Army Chief Faces Uphill Battle in Effort to Reset Relations with Washington – Jamestown


(Suiwah Leung – East Asia Forum) As an economy develops, economic policy and social policy tend to overlap. Reports of long queues of people in Ho Chi Minh City withdrawing their social insurance contributions after losing their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic is an example. Workers in the formal sector viewed their contributions to a retirement income insurance scheme as their savings to be drawn upon in hard times. Yet premature withdrawal makes retirement savings and insurance schemes financially unsustainable in the longer term. This is a challenge facing Vietnam’s government in developing a coherent social protection system aligned with the aspiration of being a middle to upper middle-income country

Solving Vietnam’s social protection sustainability problem | East Asia Forum


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