Geostrategic magazine

Geostrategic magazine (october 25, 2022 pm)

All that is taken up here, in the complexity of open sources, does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Global Eye


  • (Democracy) Thomas Carothers, Benjamin Press, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. As the world faces a democratic recession, many of the most common explanations fall short. But looking more closely at antidemocratic leaders’ motivations and methods reveals valuable insights about different types of backsliding and how international actors should respond. Understanding and Responding to Global Democratic Backsliding
  • (Perspectives) Kayhan Barzegar, Institut Montaigne. Some argue that the Ukrainian war accelerated de-Westernization, along with emerging prospects of “regional multilateralism” versus the current Western “global multilateralism”. For Kayhan Barzegar, Chair of the Political Science and International Relations Department of the Science and Research Branch of the Islamic Azad University, Western sanctions following the invasion could push Russia closer to Asia, potentially creating an “Asian geopolitical alliance”. In such a situation, a new bipolar world order would emerge, with the non-Western world on one side and the Western world on another. Towards an Asian Geopolitical Alliance