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(Geostrategies) I Caraibi e la competizione strategica tra Stati Uniti e Cina: prossima fase della ‘nuova guerra fredda’ ? (fonte: The Jamestown Foundation)

Scott B. MacDonald

Although the U.S. remains the dominant geopolitical force in the Caribbean, China has established itself as the “other” great power in the region, exerting influence from the Bahamas in the northern part of the archipelago of island-states, south through the Greater and Lesser Antilles and into the Guianas on the northeastern shoulder of South America. China is adept at economic statecraft, but unlike the Soviet Union in the last Cold War, Beijing has not sought to establish military alliances and bases in the Caribbean—at least not yet. Chinese efforts in the region are likely to increase considering the continuation by President Xi Jinping of an ambitious foreign policy agenda during his third term. Like it or not, Caribbean countries have become a geopolitical cockpit for the United States and China.

The Caribbean and U.S.-China Strategic Competition: Next Phase of the New Cold War? – Jamestown