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Gli attacchi russi alle infrastrutture elettriche dell’Ucraina hanno ripercussioni immediate sulla Moldavia (Dionis Cenuşa, RUSI)

Russian actions aimed at destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure through premeditated missile and drone strikes have immediate repercussions for Moldova, which as of October obtained about 30% of its electricity imports from Ukrainian suppliers. Since 11 October, Ukraine has suspended its exports of electricity to Moldova. To cover the electricity deficit, the Moldovan authorities sought the help of Romania, which modified its legislation to be able to supply electricity at a price of €90/MWh, a value lower than the market price. Subsidising the price of electricity sold to Moldova is a manifestation of solidarity in the context of the pressure exerted by Russia, but also a pragmatic policy towards Moldova, where more than a third of the population already has Romanian citizenship.

Collateral Victim or Separate Target? Russia’s Tactics Against Moldova | Royal United Services Institute (