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I cleptocrati autoritari prosperano sui fallimenti dell’Occidente. È possibile fermarli? (fonte: Atlantic Council)

Francis Shin and Ben Judah

A hidden web of power revealed itself to Internet users in early 2022. Following a brutal government crackdown in Kazakhstan in January, anyone using open-source flight-tracking websites could watch kleptocratic elites flee the country on private jets.

A little more than a month later, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought a new spectacle: social media users were able to track various oligarchs’ superyachts as they jumped from port to port to evade Western sanctions. These feeds captured a national security problem in near real time: In Eurasia and beyond, kleptocratic elites with deep ties to the West were able to move themselves and their assets freely despite a host of speeches by senior officials, sanctions, and structures designed to stop them.

Authoritarian kleptocrats are thriving on the West’s failures. Can they be stopped? – Atlantic Council