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Il Nepal è cruciale per la sicurezza dell’India

L’analisi di Hari Bansh Jha per Vivekananda International Foundation: Nepal holds a crucial role in India’s security not merely on account of its size, natural resources and population, but more so due to its strategic location between India and China, which happen to be the world’s fastest-growing economic and military powers. Of the two neighbours, Nepal shares a 1,751 km long border with India in the south, east and west, whereas it shares a 1,400 km border with China to the north. During his recent visit to Fatehpur Border Observation Post (BOP) along India’s border with Nepal in Bihar, Amit Shah, India’s Union Home Minister reviewed all important activities of the border area with Sahastra Seema Bal (SSB), including the problem of fake Aadhaar, misuse of voter cards, smuggling of cows, growing cases of counterfeit Indian currency, and illegal infiltration through the border points. In this regard, what worried him most were the demographic changes taking place along the Indo-Nepal border regions.

Security Challenges along Indo-Nepal Border Regions | Vivekananda International Foundation (