(India/Africa) What India’s COVID-19 crisis means for Africa (Brookings)

Jamie MacLeodVera SongweStephen KaringiHopestone ChavulaJean Paul Boketsu BofiliSokunpanha You, and Veerawin Su write for Brookings: By May 9, 2021 India accounted for 57 percent of new COVID-19 cases anywhere in the world. This phenomenon rippled through the interconnected economies of the world, including those in Africa. Indeed, India has risen over the past decade to become Africa’s thirdmost-important trading partner, after the European Union and China. In fact, the African market is precariously dependent on Indian suppliers for certain products, notably pharmaceuticals and rice. This is especially the case of East Africa, in which 35 percent of pharmaceutical imports come from India, and 20 percent of rice.

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