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Indonesia. ‘Doxxing’ e carenze nel sistema di cybersecurity

Greta Nabbs-Keller,  Wibawanto Widodo, East Asia Forum:

In a 2021 report by the University of Queensland, an Indonesian cyber expert compared the country’s cybersecurity architecture to an ‘empty house’ — half-built, hollow and poorly designed. It contended that further progress was afflicted by a lack of vision, poor technical understanding and patronage politics.

Two years later, Indonesia has been hit by an unprecedented campaign of doxxing — the targeted, malicious publication of individuals’ personal information — and wholesale data leaks. Perpetrated by an anonymous hacker or team of hackers using the alias ‘Bjorka’, sensitive data from intelligence agencies, state-owned enterprises, businesses and millions of ordinary citizens was exposed.

Doxxing and deficiencies in Indonesia’s cybersecurity framework | East Asia Forum