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Iran. Evoluzione della crisi (4 dicembre 2022)

Nicholas Carl, Zachary Coles, and Frederick W. Kagan, Institute for the Study of War:

Western media inaccurately reported that the Iranian regime abolished its morality patrol on December 4. The regime has not made such a concession. Western outlets misinterpreted remarks from Prosecutor General Mohammad Javad Montazeri on December 3. Montazeri noted in response to a journalist’s question that security forces have reduced morality patrols in recent months—a statement that some Western media has mistakenly framed as confirmation that the regime abolished the patrols. Iranian state media later clarified that Montazeri was only acknowledging the reduced morality patrols rather than announcing an end to the program. No other Iranian official has indicated that the regime has ended the patrol.

Iran Crisis Update, December 4 | Institute for the Study of War (