Iran expects friends not to allow foes hatch plots: MP (IRNA)

Allahverdi Dehghani, representing Varzaqan in East Azarbaijan Province in the 9th Islamic Consultative Assembly, told IRNA on Saturday that Iran kicked off Fatehan Kheybar (Conquerors of Kheybar) military drills in northwest areas in a bid to show the Iranian armed forces are highly prepared to defend their country and they will not allow any threat or assault by foreigners.

As Tehran has condemned invasion of Karabakh region by Armenia for years, the Iranian authorities oppose any border changes to promote regional stability and respect to national sovereignty of countries, he noted.

Pointing out to the fact that the drills show Iran’s powerful presence in the region, the lawmaker argued that friends and neighbors should be aware that interests of the Islamic Republic are non-negotiable and that the Iranians will not allow enemies jeopardize the country’s interests.

Iran will not accept to miss one of its access borders to Europe, he warned.

As to the Iranians’ experience in fighting back enemies over four decades, Dehghani said that certain players are not entitled to approach from far away and attempt to plot against Iran.

The message of the Fatehan Kheybar drills is clear, he said, adding that the Islamic Republic will not allow other states to threaten economic, cultural, and political security of Iran.

The military drills kicked off on Friday. Army’s units of electronic war, artillery, martial-engineering as well as armored brigades, supported by the Army’s Aviation unit’s helicopters, take part and the drills serve as a warning message to the enemies against any act of aggression against the Islamic Republic.

Commander of Iran’s Army Ground Force Kioumars Heydari said on Frida that the overt and covert presence of the Zionist regime’s proxies and the possibility of a significant number of Daesh terrorists in regional countries add to the importance of this exercise.

Varzaqan is the capital city of Varzaqan County located in East Azarbaijan Province, northwest Iran. People residing in the province are speaking in Azari language, which is among Turkic language family.