Israel – Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox into the Labor Market (INSS)

Shlomo Black, Tomer Fadlon, Meir Elran
With the aim of encouraging haredim (ultra-Orthodox) to enter the labor market, in July 2021 Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman decided to stop subsidizing day care centers unless both parents were working at least part time or were in the process of acquiring education or vocational skills that would help them find work. Lieberman’s decision sparked much criticism from the haredi community, which is firmly opposed to the measure. This article stresses the importance of gainful haredi employment, along with continued recognition of the value of Torah study to this community. It argues that by itself Lieberman’s decision will not yield the desired results. Rather, there are other, preferred ways of encouraging haredim to join the labor market.
Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox into the Labor Market | INSS