ISRAEL/USA/EUROPE – Israel: Note that the Sleeping Transatlantic Giant is Waking Up (Oded Eran, Shimon Stein, INSS)

After years of a weakening transatlantic alliance, exacerbated by President Trump’s four years in office, strategic cooperation between the European Union and the United States is likely to resume. This cooperation is necessary to tackle the coronavirus crisis and its consequences, as well as the geopolitical and technological changes that have occurred over the last two decades. The renewed dialogue between the two sides of the Atlantic will have implications for several other actors in the international arena, primarily Russia and China, as well as for actors on the regional level, including Turkey and Iran. Israel is also advised to consider the implications of the apparent change. Israel would do well to take into account the emerging changes and formulate its positions accordingly, particularly given that the US administration and the European Union will present coordinated stances on issues of importance to it.