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Kazakistan. Il significato delle recenti elezioni presidenziali (Pravesh Kumar Gupta, Vivekananda International Foundation)

The incumbent President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev won by a landslide in an early presidential election on November 20, 2022. He was reelected because the Kazakh people trusted him and supported a fair government, which was the slogan of the election campaign by the President Tokayev. The outcomes of the presidential election may also confirm the Tokayev administration’s most recent reforms and constitutional changes, which were implemented in response to the large-scale protests in January. After the January protests, President Tokayev started a comprehensive reform agenda for the nation’s socioeconomic policies and its political and constitutional framework. These reforms included the abolition of corruption, in addition to improving democratic accountability, good governance, and human rights protections.

Why is Early Presidential Elections in Kazakhstan Significant? | Vivekananda International Foundation (