Guerra in Ucraina Transnistria

La guerra russo-ucraina e il destino dei negoziati “5+2” sulla Transnistria (prima parte) (fonte: The Jamestown Foundation)

Vladimir Socor

Russia’s war against Ukraine has dealt the coup de grâce to the “5+2” negotiations on the settlement of conflict in Transnistria, the forum where Russia and Ukraine sit next to each other. Moscow and Kyiv have been seated formally at the top of the table, but Russia was always the dominant player by far, manipulating the 5+2 forum against Moldova’s as well as Ukraine’s interests. Western powers have conceded that role to Russia in spite of the Kremlin’s serial military interventions in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

Russo-Ukrainian War Should Doom the ‘5+2’ Negotiations on Transnistria (Part One) – Jamestown